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AUSTRALIA: Strategy and Security in the Indo-Pacific Region


Week 1

An overview of Australia

powerpoint presentation

Australia in Brief publication (DFAT presentation -biased)

There goes the neighborhood

Excerpts from the book

ABC Radio: Michael Wesley’s Interview

Australia in the Asian Century White paper -official slides


The Indo-Pacific: What’s in a name?

Reimagining Asia: From Asia-Pacific to Indo-Pacific

Shinzo Abe addresses Australian Parliament

Narendra Modi Addresses Australian Parliament

The Promise and Peril of Simultaneous Rise

Country overview

BBC China Country Profile

BBC India Country Profile

India-China Relations

ECFR: China’s actions, India’s worries

ECFR: China-India Ltd?

Relations with Australia



Week 3

The US as offshore balancer?

Definition: Offshore balancing

US pivot to Asia

Article: Australia is seen as essential to US military strategy

Report:Asia-Pacific Rebalance 2025: Capabilities, Presence and Partnerships

Malcolm Turnbull and China

BBC: Q&A South China Sea Dispute

The Conversation: US bases in Australia

MacArthur and Australia

Week 4

Pivotal Powers

Japan, Russia, Both Koreas and Indonesia:

Country overview

Links to the Indo-Pacific

Links to Australia

Australian strategic policy in the 20th century

Presentation Slides

The Singapore Strategy

Forward Defence

Malayan Intervention

Malayan Intervention-Video

Newspaper Article



Newspaper Article

Going Further: Reading the article or watching the interview

Defence of Australia

1976 White Paper (1st Chapter)

Week 5

Fragile States and the Arc of Instability


Fragile State Index

Fiji Country Profile

RE-engagement with Frank

Papua New Guinea

Fragile State Index

Papua New Guinea Country Profile

Development assistance in Papua New Guinea

PNG's food bowl is all but empty as drought affects 2 million people

Solomon Islands

Fragile State Index

Papua New Guinea Country Profile



Fragile State Index

Timor-leste Country Profile

Australia’s 1999 mission to East Timor part 1: the decision to intervene

Australia’s 1999 mission to East Timor part 2: Lessons learned

BBC: United Nations ends peacekeeping mission in East Timor

Timor-leste v Australia

Going Further: Reading the article or watching the interview

The impact of Global Warming

A Larger Australia

Middle Power?

Graphs from the Economist

Australian Media

Malcolm Turnbull: Speech on Foreign Correspondents

ABC funding cuts target 11 foreign news bureaux, with 20 jobs facing axe

Australia shuts down its TV network

Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd's $1 million power trip

Foreign Affairs Department

DFAT diplomatic network

DFAT: figures

2015 Foreign Affairs Budget

Foreign Aid

Devpolicy blog

Press conference, Parliament House, Canberra

Military power

Trends in Defence expenditure since 1901

Budget 2015: a good one for Defence

2015: Defence economic trends in the Asia-Pacific (abridged)

Going Further: The Boyer lectures

Week 6

The 2016 Defence White Paper

Presentation Slides

Official releases

White Paper

Press Conference

Alternative link to the Press Conference


Lowy Institute

ABC news

Reaction from the ALP

Sea Lines Of Communication

Presentation Slides

Main Maritime Shipping Routes

CNBC report on Piracy

Multilateral Institutions in Asia

Presentation Slides

Article from the economist on the ASEAN way

The Australia-ASEAN partnership at 40